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The Truth About Social Media Marketing

Follow Joeri Billast as he guides you through the intricacies of social media marketing. Learn the difference between maintaining a social media presence and actually selling to paying customers. Discover the kind of clients who are best suited for you.


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Do you want to sell more products or services? Do you to have more loyal followers and fans? Do you want to be a leader in your field? The key to getting what you want for your business is being visible on social media.

In this highly motivating book, Joeri shows you how to attract customers and make money through social media without the cost of advertising but by drawing people to you, building engagement and relations.

His simple and effective techniques will enable you to:

  • Attract clients who will buy from you
  • Get your audience ready-to buy
  • Reach more of your ideal customers
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Turn followers into paying customers and lifelong fans

“My mission is to help companies understand that there is a difference between just being on social media and generating profit.”

Joeri Billast

A Look Inside

Topics covered in this book

How to attract clients who will buy from you. Free yourself from nasty habits that keep your business unengaging and prevent it from fostering meaningful connections with the clientele.

Stand out from your competition. Discover why so many other solopreneurs fail to lift off.

Turn followers into paying customers and lifelong fans. How to elevate your social media marketing game and change how you approach your customers.

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About the author

Hi, I’m Joeri Billast

I love building businesses through social media.

I am Europe’s leading social media strategist. I have my own approach for the meidum, which has helped me help numerous people to grow their businesses. Over the past 20 years I’ve worked in organizations and built my own 7-figure business, having sold it in 2013. The success of his company was a result of my unique social media strategies.

Now I consult with entrepreneurs on how to use social media to build their business, increase sales and build a loyal customer base. I have seen businesses struggle to get customers on social media even though they invest significantly.

I am passionate about helping businesses understand the difference between having a presence on social media and making a profit. I speak around the world about Social Media for Business, and was featured on FOX, CBS and NBC as well as covers of Manager Magazine, Entrepreneurs and Bloovi.

Customers Review

What our customers say

“Joeri is using a very easy language in a way that people want to read more and don’t want to stop reading. This is an asset, it’s not given to everyone. I believe that even small businesses can benefit from this.”


Little Babymoon

“This book is a hands-on tool to help you to take action and work on your purpose. Clearly written steps day by day.”



“Joeri’s book is a real, practical guideline which allows you to learn and take very useful steps, if you want to grow your business. A must read/have for every entrepreneur and definitely worth the effort to do all the exercises!”



“Joeri is a genius when it comes to social media marketing. His book is absolutely a must-read for small business owners.”


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